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How to make a purchase at WIWAA?

I     Register


Click here


II    Select products 


Select the product you want to purchase from any shopping website within China,USA and Japan.

China famous e'commerce portal:

C2C: TaobaoTmall B2C: JD,Amazon CN Book: DangDang Wholesale: 1688, Alibaba


USA famous e'commerce portal: Amazon,6PM

Japan famous e'commerce portal: Amazon Japan


III   Submit purchase orders


Copy and paste the product URL to main page search column then click“Quick search” button, the product will be placed in your product details page automatically.


If you have any other requirement for the product, please specify it in the note.


IV   Make a payment


Enter “My Shopping Cart”, confirm and submit the product to be purchased, the system will automatically deduct the product cost and Chinese domestic freight from your account. 


After successful payment, WIWAA will purchase the product for you.


V    Submit shipment


When your product arrives at WIWAA’s warehouse in China, you can enter “My Shipping Cart”, and confirm for delivery if the product status indicates “Arrived”;


Select the shipment method you prefer, and enter the correct delivery address in detail, submit the information and then wait for delivery. 


VI   Confirm receipt


After receiving the parcel, enter “My Shipment” page and confirm product received. The system will automatically give credit points for your purchase. 


Note: WIWAA operation process


Receive order – Purchase product – Product arriving at WIWAA’s warehouse – Product checked and entering warehouse – Receive shipment confirmation – Package and deliver the product